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The Shirley Ephraim Fine Earth Jewelry® Technique
Redefining the art of jewelry with the rare luxury of human touch dedicated to each design, SHIRLEY EPHRAIM FINE EARTH JEWELRY® blends ancient and lost weaving traditions with distinctive elements of 17th century needlepoint lace making techniques.
Ephraim learned the intricate craft of Spanish needle-point lace from her Costa-Rican mother at the young age of five.  Spending numerous summers in her father's village in 
Nigeria, she also had the privilege of studying the highly skilled artistry of master artisan weaving and was exposed to ancient techniques used for royal ceremonies, with some of these traditions going back as far as 40,000 years.
Currently living in Los Angeles, Ephraim continues to reinvent modern luxuries and contribute to preserving cultures of the world through her craft and designs.
"I love pieces born of artistry, nature, and culture.  Shirley Ephraim's work is exactly that...Each piece of jewelry has a story to tell and is a modern, wearable treasure."
- Donna Karan
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